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The Arbor

A few years ago I was asked to lend my opinion to what a room on 7 East Mott may look like if it were to host the sickest of children on the Unit.  There are many names for rooms such as this, "Comfort Room", "Transition Room" and rooms like these can be found on other Units at Mott.  However, there has never been a room like this on the Pediatric Oncology Unit.  With the help of Patient and Family Centered Care, and their many advisors, this idea was explored further.   John's Foundation found this endeavor to be important enough to lend monetary support to make this room a reality. The room, located next door to the John R. Crosby Meditation room, was completed in October. 

Our family was asked to "name" this room, and with the help of many advisors (former peds oncology families, Mott families, John's Foundation board, and my own family) we have named this room "The Arbor".  Arbor can mean many things:

  • a shaded passageway, or sitting area

  • a leafy, shady recess formed by tree branches

  • a shelter of vines or branches

  • a shady resting place

We thought because of the location of this room, looking out on glorious trees, and the decor that has been chosen, The Arbor was the most fitting.  The first thing I thought when I saw the room complete is, there are sheltering trees on the inside, as well as the outside. 

Continued thanks to all of our donors for your continued support…it is because of you these projects can bring much comfort to families who truly need this kind of support!

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