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Spring Happenings 2018

It was a busy March for John's Foundation. We kicked off the month with a fundraiser with our friends, at Meritor in Troy, Michigan. Many thanks to Donna Darrow for nominating John's Foundation for their Jeans Day. We raised over $4,000 to support programs for patients and families at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. In addition, we observed what would have been John's 25th Birthday on March 10th, with our annual Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Brunch for families. Thank you to Five Monkeys Bakery for making the super cute Herbie cookies this year...John was a huge fan of the Love Bug movies! I wonder every day who John would be today, and celebrating the day he was born gives me great comfort, but I find the milestone birthdays, such as this one, to be a little tough to get through. I was blessed to have him for 8.5 years, but it is certainly not long enough for any parent.

We are excited to share that we are supporting a new project at Mott that will be sure to give patients big smiles and provide much needed distraction. The Lego Build Up Cart is a new endeavor and we are honored to partner in this new project. Please read about our new collaboration with this link:

In addition to the Lego Build Up Cart, we have a new project with Palliative Care that will be announced this month, and we continue to support Child and Family Life, Adrenal Cancer Research, the Giving Library, Meals for Mott, Paws for Patients, and provide camp experiences for patients, bereavement books for families, as well as referral for families in need. We continue to collaborate with both the Cancer Support Community and with Ele's Place, ensuring that families receive services that will provide the support that is needed.

With John's birthday this year we have kicked off a fundraising campaign with raising $25,000 from March 10, 2018, to March 10, 2019. Our fundraiser with Meritor was a great way to kick off our fundraising in observance of John's 25th birthday. We appreciate all of your continued support and we know with your help we can attain our goal in helping families with serious health challenges!

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