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"21" Reasons

mile·stone: noun "a significant event or stage in life”

Milestones are usually looked at with great anticipation. First steps, first tooth, first day of school, turning into a "teenager", sweet 16, being old enough to vote...turning 21 years old. All are "milestones" that we look forward to in our lives. My son, John, would be 21 years old today. While I can envision his sweet face at the age of 8, I can't envision him as a 21-year-old college student...perhaps ordering a drink in a bar with friends(!), although, I wish I could. 

We honor John's life by continuing our work through the John R. Crosby Foundation, and supporting families who have seriously ill children. We hope to make their lives somewhat brighter and happier, even for a moment through our efforts. So today, this week, or in the near future, please consider honoring John's memory, or a special person in your own life by donating $21 to a charity of your choice, or to John's Foundation (

Here are "21" reasons you should donate to John's Foundation or your favorite charity today!

1. Donating to a favorite charity can honor someone who is present in your life, and let them know how special they are to you today. 2. You’ll give seriously ill children an opportunity to attend summer camp, without their parents worrying about their safety.

3. Your donation can help an ill child return to school and feel comfortable amongst his or her peers. 4. Donating $21 to your favorite charity should be a reminder of your own 21st birthday, or the 21st birthday of your own child. 5. Your donation can help supply a variety of books to families on the pediatric oncology floor at Mott Children's Hospital. This includes books for the Meditation Room lending library, and bereavement materials for grieving families. 6. Supporting "Dinner, Movie and Conversation Night" will help families who thrive on meeting other families just like themselves. 7. Donating to a cause near and dear to your heart will make you all warm and fuzzy inside...I promise you, it will! 8. Ill children get their spirits lifted by visits from college athletes. Your donation will help continue this opportunity. The athlete’s get just as much out of this as the kids and their families! 9. A donation of $21 can help bring out a smile when someone is in the heat of the most difficult battle in his or her life.

10. You can preserve the memory of someone no longer alive here on earth, but always alive in your heart.

11. Your $21 donation can be like a sword through cancer and knock it down.

12. For families who have had someone special to them die, your donation gives them the opportunity to attend a support group with people who "are like them".

13. A $21 donation will make you feel like you just scored the winning touchdown at the Big House, or hit the winning 3-point basket to win the big game. It will make you a true champion to someone who needs help!

14. John loved to read, and so do other kids who are hospitalized. Your donation will help supply books for the Giving Library which allows all patients, and their siblings, to receive FREE books!

15. You can help support research for a very rare cancer, such as Adrenal Gland Cancer.

16. A $21 donation will help John's Foundation provide a meal for a family who can't fathom finding the time to get something to eat.

17. When you turn 21, you are usually thinking about the cute boy or the cute girl, but we forget about those who are sick and need our help, often on their own birthdays.

18. Your donation can help provide a holiday stocking filled with little gifts to someone undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital.

19. A $21 donation won't make winter go away, but it can help bring some normalcy to abnormal situations.

20. Your donation can help a child who is undergoing cancer treatment feel like a prince or princess for a day.

21. Twenty - one dollars.... someone can be helped by YOU! Please consider donating

$21 in memory of John’s birthday. He continues to fuel my passion to help other families who are affected by illness and their journey to healing.

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